Ankeny IA Dentist Discusses Candy and Teeth

halloween candyWith Halloween fast approaching, candy is being displayed in more and more prominent ways. Unfortunately, while candy is fun for the holiday, it may not be good for your oral health, especially if candy consumption is typical in your diet. To learn more about how candy can impact your oral health, read the following information from your Ankeny IA dentist, Dr. Erika Peddicord.

Sugar and Teeth

People often say that sugar rots teeth. While not strictly accurate, this statement does make a valid point about limiting sugar consumption. You see, it is not the sugar that damages teeth, but the bacteria that the sugar feeds. Harmful bacteria in the mouth have a sweet tooth, meaning they will chow down on lingering sugar in the mouth. Unfortunately, when they do consume sugar, they give off an acid byproduct that is harmful to teeth.

Over time, as this acid continues to do damage, a cavity can develop. If the cavity is not discovered and filled, the situation can become more perilous for the tooth. As bacteria delve deeper and deeper inside of a tooth, the tooth loses more and more of its structural integrity, putting it at risk of cracking or breaking. The bacteria responsible for the decay may also reach the pulp of the tooth, which they can infect, endangering the life of the tooth.

Guides for Avoiding Tooth Decay

While enjoying some candy during Halloween is relatively harmless, eating a diet with a lot of sugar can be harmful to your teeth. Therefore, try to limit your sugar intake in the interest of preserving your teeth. In addition, be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly 2-3 times per day, floss regularly, and attend dental cleanings every six months.

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