Dental Care: Prep For Easy Breezy Back To School!

Yes, we know: It’s only July. So, why are we already bringing up mention of back to school? Well, because we know that time flies, you suddenly wake up a week before school is back in session realizing you never got around to planning out your child’s smile care, and here you are with a long list of things to accomplish (and an even longer list of supplies to buy). What to do? As far as we are concerned, the answer lies with scheduling dental care right now in Ankeny, IA, so you’re ready to go and can check this very important detail off the list.


Things That Can Really Scrape Up Your Teeth

When you think about cleaning your teeth, doing your part to remove stains, and more, there’s probably a part of you that assumes what you really need is to give your smile a good scrubbing. However, though this approach seems like the smart thing to do, given the way you might scrub and revitalize any other hard surface (like your tile floor), this isn’t the right way to go about shining up your teeth. Unfortunately, scouring can lead to scraping, which is not something you want for your enamel. The best way to go about attaining white, glowing, healthy teeth? See us for dental care and cosmetic dentistry. As for those scrape-causing culprits, we have a few to avoid.


Will Poor Periodontal Care Lead To Tooth Loss Later In Life?

If you want to protect your teeth, you need to take the proper steps to avoid cavities. You can see a clear connection between tooth decay and tooth loss, but did you know that the health of your gums can also affect the completeness of your smile? Complications with poor periodontal health actually will actually pose the biggest threat when it comes to tooth loss. This is because an effect of advanced gum disease is the destruction of soft tissue and bone that hold teeth in position. When that tissue breakdown occurs, your dentist may have to remove teeth, or they may be lost on their own. Fortunately, your Ankeny, IA dentist’s office can help you protect your gums by providing professional support. You can identify potential gum disease by watching out for inflammation of the tissues, redness, and bleeding. Chronic bad breath can also be traced to periodontal troubles. (more…)

Making Sure A Tooth With A Cavity Receives Expert Care

The successful treatment of a cavity is a matter of stopping decay, and ensuring that your tooth is properly restored after that removal of damaged tissue. Thanks to the use of modern restorations, your Ankeny, IA dentist is able to provide you with dental work that keeps your tooth safe, while also letting your smile retain its natural look. One thing you should know is that when you think something might be wrong, you should seek out dental treatment as soon as possible. As long as a cavity remains on your tooth, it will do increasing damage. (more…)

Your Smile: Protect It, Beautify It, Rescue It

There are some basic things that most patients want for their smiles. They want to know they’re doing all they can to keep their smile health safe. They also want to find ways to make it look better when it’s not looking so lovely. Then, of course, should something go wrong, they want to be able to save it. So, is there a way to know what you need and what to do in these instances? Or, are there so many dental care details to consider that you’re going to need to spend a lot of time figuring things out depending on your requirements? As you may have guessed, we can help make it easy.


Chewy: An Adjective That Means Bad News For Smile Health

If you’re interested in protecting your smile health and the health of your family’s smiles, then there are some details out there that you can memorize, which will always qualify as no-nos. One of them is the adjective “chewy.” If you can describe the food you’re about to consume with this term, then you are probably setting some aspect of your smile up for not-so-fantastic results. Of course, there are always those moments during which to indulge and it’s up to you to make good decisions for yourself. As for why chewy is potentially dangerous, let’s cover the facts.


When You’ve Got Specific Questions

What should you do when you suddenly find yourself wondering how to clean around your dental bridge? Who do you ask when you want to know all about porcelain veneers but you don’t really know where to begin? You know that heading into the multitudes of pages on the internet (many of which will be full of absolutely unhelpful, inaccurate, and unreliable information) is not the best plan. Asking around might be a little helpful but you cannot exactly compare your smile care needs to someone else’s. Sit tight: We have two easy solutions for you.


Oral Cancer Screenings: Quick, Essential Details

You need oral cancer screenings as part of your comprehensive dental care. This much you likely already know. However, you may not feel entirely sure about why this is something we mention frequently or even how to go about incorporating this type of care into your usual approach to smile protection. Take some essential details under consideration to discover just how easy it is to practice complete preventive care.


Smile Care: Ways To Get Your Family Excited!

You know how to get your family excited about dessert. You know how to get them excited about going on vacation. Now, if only you could figure out a way to get them quite so pumped up when it comes to practicing smile care. We know, of course, that it’s entirely possible you feel you’ve gone above and beyond, you’ve gotten creative, and you’ve pulled out all the stops but still, you are without any ideas regarding how to get everyone on board. Fortunately, it’s just possible that with our professional approach to this dilemma, you’ll be able to get that spark of motivation going sooner than you think!


Routine Dental Care: At Home And With Us!

What are you supposed to be doing to keep up with your routine of effective dental care, you may ask yourself from time to time? Are you doing enough if you’re seeing us every year or two, just to be sure you’ve squeeze a cleaning and checkup in without waiting an eternity? How about at home? You brush like a champion, so will it really make a difference if you never get serious about flossing? We’d love to hammer out the details of what your “routine” care should look like to make your life easy and your smile healthy.