Preventive Care Broken Down Into Days, Hours, Minutes

Curious about the day-to-day details of preventive care? Maybe you’ve often wondered how many hours or minutes of your life you are spending brushing, flossing, and seeing us for dental checkups and cleanings. While you may think it amounts to quite a lot, you may be shocked to learn that, mathematically speaking, it comes out to practically no time at all, though the benefits are exceptional. Find out more regarding this unique perspective from our Ankeny, IA team!


Preventive Dentistry: Checking Off All The Boxes

Are you certain about how to “check off all the boxes” when it comes to ensuring you’re doing right by your preventive dentistry? Do you really know about all that we offer for you and your family as far as prevention is concerned or do you have more of just a general idea regarding what you can expect? If you’re feeling like you could use a reminder, a full refresh, etc., let our Ankeny, IA team take you on a brief yet helpful journey through the details.


Are You Grinding Your Teeth a Little Too Much?

Grinding your teeth every once in a while isn’t usually something to be concerned about. When healthy, your teeth are highly resilient, and the pressure may not cause any damage. However, when you grind your teeth too much (known as bruxism), the result can be a wide range of issues including damage to your teeth, heightened sensitivity, and increased risks of several other concerns. If you’re grinding your teeth too much, then we may be able to customize a protective oral appliance at our Ankeny, IA, dental office to help you protect your smile from the consequences. (more…)

Correcting Smile Flaws Can Help You Boost Your Confidence

Is your dissatisfaction with your smile interfering with your life? How often do you find yourself hiding your teeth in group photos, or when talking to someone new? Even if they cause no problems for your oral health, common superficial tooth flaws can be a real problem for your emotional well-being. Fortunately, cosmetic dental procedures make it possible to improve on the way you look! Your Ankeny, IA dentist can talk to you about your different treatment options – with the right procedure, you can improve your smile dramatically. Lifelike, customized materials can provide improvements that appear natural, so new acquaintances can have no idea you underwent treatment. (more…)

Let’s Talk Holiday Treats And Smile Protection

It’s that special, twinkling, chilly, lovely time of year again: The winter holidays have officially arrived! To you and yours, this means lots of fun, food, friends, family, and just about everything that puts a smile on your face. To our Ankeny, IA team? It means finding a way to help you protect that smile you’ll be using so much, so you find yourself with optimal oral health (Translation: A grin that’s still perfectly intact, healthy, and glowing come January and beyond). We offer up some pointers to help you get there with ease!


Prevention In The New Year: Helping You Feel Motivated!

If you are like many patients, one of the things you’d like to get motivated for in the new year is your smile! You want to know that you’re doing your best with preventive care but that doesn’t mean you really know how to motivate yourself. Guess what? Our Ankeny, IA team happens to be a dream team when it comes to inspiring our patients, so let us help you out!


Unexpected Broken Tooth: Reasons This Happens

One of the things we notice from our patients is that beyond the frustration of dealing with a broken tooth is the frustration that comes from not understanding why it happened in the first place. In certain instances, things just don’t go your way and accidents lead to trauma. In other cases, it’s often something you might have been able to foresee and stop before it occurred. How to know what’s what? Well, our Ankeny, IA team can offer beneficial information to help you maintain intact, strong teeth!


Really: Your Toothache Isn’t Always A Cavity!

You may assume that the second you end up with a toothache, it means that you definitely have tooth decay. You just know that you have a cavity, you figure you might even have an infection, and this causes you some stress. Of course, nobody likes dealing with decay. However, our Ankeny, IA team reminds you that we have everything you need in order to gently and comfortably guide you back to a healthy smile. Those details aside, though, let’s talk about the fact that just because your tooth hurts, it doesn’t mean you’re necessarily going to require restorative care! So, before you make any assumptions, we encourage you to learn more (and to schedule a visit with us soon). It might be something you never considered and that’s easy to address.


Whitening Details That You Don’t Understand

There may be some teeth whitening details that you haven’t quite come to fully comprehend just yet. Or, there may be some things you’ve been wanting to ask but just haven’t mentioned yet either because you’re a little shy with your questioning or because it just hasn’t been time for cosmetic care until now! Whatever the case, if a whiter smile is on your mind, then taking in some new information from our Ankeny, IA team is certainly going to help you get one step closer to your goal!


You Really Don’t Want To Ignore Bruxism

You may think to yourself that you’d prefer to just ignore the bruxism disorder that you’re aware is impacting your smile and that, though you may not realize it yet, will begin impacting your daily life. It doesn’t seem like a huge problem at first, of course. Instead, you may notice it so little that you might not have even known about the disorder until we diagnosed you! However, over time, it will become much more severe. This is the reason our Ankeny, IA team strongly advises you to choose bruxism treatment, rather than choosing to sweep the issue under the rug. Want some much more specific reasons for motivational purposes? You’ve got it!