Avoid Snacks That Cause Tooth Decay

When we head to the store, we often stock up for the long-term to avoid being in crowded places and picking up or spreading COVID-19. But when you stock up on your favorite foods, we recommend picking options that don’t put your smile at risk! In today’s blog, your Ankeny, IA, dentist looks at smile healthy-options and how to avoid issues like tooth decay.


What To Do In A Dental Emergency

Our office is currently closed to preventive care and optimal cosmetic treatments, but we’re still available to help Ankeny, IA, patients with dental emergencies. In today’s blog, we’re looking at what constitutes a dental emergency, and when you should see our team for treatment. We’re also discussing how to address these concerns and minimize your discomfort until you can see us!


How to Be Better at Preventing Gum Disease

Caring for your smile is almost second nature to most people, but doing it effectively can take more skill and attention than people often realize. For example, when it comes to gum disease, which is one of the most common chronic oral health concerns, preventing its formation seems simple. Yet, nearly 70% of adults will develop it to some degree by the time they reach their 60’s, and for some, it can lead to devastating consequences for their oral health. Today, we take a look at how you can be better at preventing gum disease on a day-to-day basis by paying a little more attention in your preventive care routine. (more…)

Why Do Most People Get Tooth Decay?

With the advanced state of modern dentistry and all we know about preventive dental care, you may be surprised to learn that a large majority of people still experience tooth decay to some degree in their lives. Tooth decay, which is the infection in your tooth structure that leads to cavity development, can range from mild to severe, depending on several different factors (such as how long you’ve had it). Today, we examine why tooth decay remains so common, and what steps you can take to prevent it from occurring, or avoid having to experience it again, if you already have. (more…)