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What To Do When You Want A Whiter Smile ASAP

Yes, of course, when you decide you want a whiter smile and you definitely want it right now, you feel the urge to kick your actions into high gear, as you reach for the nearest and most promising solution! However, with that said, our Ankeny, IA team reminds you: Reeling it all back in and… Read more »

Is Autumn A Good Time To Receive Cosmetic Care?

You may have recently taken a look at the calendar, as you revisit the idea of seeking cosmetic care for your smile. Autumn is approaching, which means … well … you’re not sure what it means. You know that it means we are headed toward holiday time, that the weather will change, and that you’d… Read more »

As We Approach Fall: 3 Smile-Related Myths!

The best news ever: Autumn is on its way, which means lots of cozy treats, cozy sweaters, and, well, just a lot of coziness! With that said, we were wondering: Are you all caught up on your smile plans for yourself, so you can bundle up in a blanket, relax, sip your special fall-time beverage,… Read more »

Dealing With Stains: Your Full Circle Approach

There’s something you need to know about smile stains: They happen to most teeth because you use your smile every day. Your teeth are always coming into contact with pigments that can contribute to discoloration so, over time, it’s natural to develop some amount of dimming, yellowing, etc. Of course, you can put in the… Read more »

White Smiles: What’s True About Them (And What Isn’t)?

Of course, if you are interested in seeing a beautiful, whiter smile when you’re standing in front of the mirror, we can completely understand the desire! In fact, helping you make this dream a reality is something our Ankeny, IA team is most certainly prepared to help you achieve. With that said, we like to… Read more »

Choosing Veneers: Things That Make Them Different

Are you well aware that there’s something special about porcelain veneers that makes them different, when you compare them with other cosmetic dental care treatments? Is this about as far as your knowledge of this uniqueness goes? If so, and you’re thinking about treating cosmetic smile concerns of your own, then our Ankeny, IA team… Read more »

Answers To Questions Frequently Asked About: Contouring!

The idea of dental contouring for your smile might cause you to light up! The benefits that you learn about instantly put you at ease, letting you know that there really is something out there that can help you achieve your esthetic goals. Of course, with that said, you may still have a list of… Read more »

There’s No Use Crying Over Chipped Teeth

It’s not a well known phrase by any means but there’s quite a lot of truth behind it! There really is no use crying over chipped teeth. However, when you are the individual to whom the chip has occurred, it can certainly feel a bit traumatic in the very beginning. That is, until you realize… Read more »

3 Cheers For Access To Cosmetic Dental Care!

It’s very easy to begin feeling awfully sorry for yourself when you realize you are anything but pleased with the appearance of your smile. Why has it yellowed, you wonder? What did you do to end up with those unsightly chips? What will you ever be able to do about that gap between your teeth… Read more »

Gaps In Your Smile: 3 Things You Can Do

Is a gap in your smile something you’re curious about? Maybe you are none too thrilled with this particular feature of your grin. Maybe you never really thought about it before but suddenly, you’re wondering if it’s something you should do something about. Is it okay for your oral health? Are smile spaces just an… Read more »