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Basic Markers Of A Healthy Smile

There are some things that you can look for when your smile is very healthy that generally accompany a mouth in good oral health! Why become familiar with these types of details, you may wonder to yourself? Well, our Ankeny, IA team reminds you that when you’re accustomed to such markers, you can more easily… Read more »

Drink Soda, Avoid It, Or Learn To Sip Safely?

You may feel as though you love soda so much, the idea of giving it up sounds terrible! However, you love your oral health, too, so when you consider the best pathway, you know that protecting your teeth is essential. Or, you may not really care too much about soda, so you wonder if it… Read more »

As We Approach Fall: 3 Smile-Related Myths!

The best news ever: Autumn is on its way, which means lots of cozy treats, cozy sweaters, and, well, just a lot of coziness! With that said, we were wondering: Are you all caught up on your smile plans for yourself, so you can bundle up in a blanket, relax, sip your special fall-time beverage,… Read more »

Questions To Keep In Mind: Your Dental Cleanings

Have you ever taken the time to really think through the benefits of your dental cleanings? Are you very aware of the reasons we suggest you come in to see us, how frequently you should do so, and what might happen if you just decide to forego this part of your comprehensive prevention entirely? We… Read more »

Dental Floss: Things That Go Wrong (And Solutions)

When you know just what you’re doing with your dental hygiene and you’ve mastered both the art of brushing and flossing your smile, you know that you’ve got this part of your dental hygiene locked in for providing you with optimal smile cleansing at home! However, when you realize that your brushing is on point… Read more »

An Intro Class: Canker Sores! 

Nobody wants them, lots of people get them, and they’re never pleasant (but they’re not as scary as they might seem): They’re canker sores! When one arrives in your mouth, you may find that you have no idea what to think, you suddenly have a long list of worries that you can’t seem to answer,… Read more »

Gaps In Your Smile: 3 Things You Can Do

Is a gap in your smile something you’re curious about? Maybe you are none too thrilled with this particular feature of your grin. Maybe you never really thought about it before but suddenly, you’re wondering if it’s something you should do something about. Is it okay for your oral health? Are smile spaces just an… Read more »

Feel Like Yourself Again: 3 Important Smile Improvements

When your smile isn’t at its best, it can really take a serious toll on how you feel about yourself! You may not necessarily make the connection right off the bat but it’s entirely possible that every time your smile hurts, every time you feel guilty about your not-so-dedicated dental care, and even each time… Read more »

Dental Care: Things The Future You Will Be So Thankful For

If you reflect on the significance of your dental care, you know that it’s important. You know that it will help you avoid a cavity that will then require a filling in the coming months. However, have you ever sat down to really think about the future you? No, not the one that will be… Read more »

Bad Breath And What You Should Do Right Away

What’s causing your it-just-won’t-go-away bad breath, you wonder? You’re not talking about the type of yucky mouth odor that stems from having eaten a meal packed with extraordinarily odoriferous foods. Nope, you’re talking about something else: It’s chronic, it’s not pleasant, and you’re not sure why it’s there, what to do about it, or if… Read more »