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Powered Toothbrushes: The Things You’re Unsure About

You might be unsure about powered toothbrushes. On one hand, you may think they’re “better” and that maybe you’re supposed to use one. On the other, you may wonder if it’s all just a whole lot of hype! Or, you might find yourself somewhere in the middle, not really sure what to think! Of course,… Read more »

What Your Toothpaste Can’t Do

When it’s time to talk toothpaste, your caring family dentist in Ankeny, IA will be right there with you. Toothpaste is a vital and necessary part of any home dental hygiene routine. You’ve probably heard it before, but brushing twice a day, flossing daily and maintaining your scheduled exams and cleanings are all smart tools… Read more »

FOMO And Your Smile!

There are so many abbreviations these days that it can be hard to keep up with them! If you have not yet heard of FOMO, now is the time to get on board and understand this abbreviation. It stands for “fear of missing out.” Think about what that might mean! For instance, do you ever… Read more »

Symptom Spotting: What You Really Must Remember

When you learn a lot about your smile care, you often become well-versed in different types of symptoms. Or, if you are quick with looking things up online, you may become quite adept at seeking out symptoms and attempting to match them up with their corresponding smile health concern. While feeling educated in regard to… Read more »

Toothaches: What You Should Do About That Sensation!

You know that you should probably do something about your toothache. However, considering the fact that when you really start thinking about it, there seem to be quite a lot of options, you might have some trouble figuring out the right choice (or choices). As you probably realize already, lots of people end up with… Read more »

Let’s Talk Chewing And Smile Protection

Your chewing can say a lot about your smile and oral health. It also says a lot about whether you’re keyed into the best way to protect your grin or if you’re not quite filled in regarding how to keep your teeth and gums safe. Let’s go ahead and talk about chewing by focusing on… Read more »

Brushing: 3 Reasons To Discuss It With Our Team

There are some very good reasons to discuss brushing with our team. Of course, if you don’t have a doubt in your mind that you’re doing everything correctly and you aren’t dealing with any uncertainty regarding the products you use for dental hygiene, then keep at it! However, if there’s even the tiniest question in… Read more »

Smile Issues: When You Slip Up!

Yes, we are talking about when you literally slip with your hand. Perhaps you’re eating something and you slip, causing your fork or a chip to hurt your soft tissue. Maybe you’re brushing your teeth, you get a little too forceful, and you scrape your gums up just a bit. It can feel a little… Read more »

Lip Balm: 2 Times You’ll Want It!

Men and women, young and not-so-young, you will be surprised by how helpful this tip might prove to be for you this winter! We suggest that you find a lip balm you like and use it frequently to protect your lip health. Why is this suddenly such a major matter at the moment? When might… Read more »

Quiz: Is It About Time For A Dental Visit?

Is it probably time you picked up the phone to let us know you’re ready for a dental visit? Is it probably time but you’re coming up with rationalizations to convince yourself that you can wait longer until your next appointment? Are you worried that the minor concern you have is really nothing at all… Read more »