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Bad Brush Moves: 4 Things To Change ASAP

There are some very good things you can do with your toothbrush as you’re practicing your dental hygiene! You know this, of course, because our Ankeny, IA team tells you to brush twice daily! So, that means using a toothbrush is to your great benefit! However, that doesn’t necessarily mean every single motion and choice… Read more »

Dental Hygiene: The Little Things That Make A Big Impact

In the world of dental hygiene, it seems like all you have to do is focus on brushing and flossing your teeth and you’re good to go. However, you may suddenly realize that it’s not just about quickly running a toothbrush over your teeth or flossing when you remember. Instead, effective hygiene means keeping the… Read more »

Your Dental Checkups: Are You On Track Or Off Track?

You have likely already experienced that sensation of thinking a week or two have passed only to realize months have flown by. It’s something that just happens, particularly when life is full and you’re just busy. With this in mind, our Ankeny, IA team knows that you may either be taking the measures necessary to… Read more »

Powered Toothbrushes: The Things You’re Unsure About

You might be unsure about powered toothbrushes. On one hand, you may think they’re “better” and that maybe you’re supposed to use one. On the other, you may wonder if it’s all just a whole lot of hype! Or, you might find yourself somewhere in the middle, not really sure what to think! Of course,… Read more »

What Do We Mean By Gentle Care?

You may wonder what we mean when we say that you should always practice gentle dental care. Even though we explain that aggressive care can result in some serious problems, such as damaged enamel, gum recession, and more, these are just adjectives as far as you are concerned. What do they really entail, you think… Read more »

Dental Care: Things The Future You Will Be So Thankful For

If you reflect on the significance of your dental care, you know that it’s important. You know that it will help you avoid a cavity that will then require a filling in the coming months. However, have you ever sat down to really think about the future you? No, not the one that will be… Read more »

Bad Breath And What You Should Do Right Away

What’s causing your it-just-won’t-go-away bad breath, you wonder? You’re not talking about the type of yucky mouth odor that stems from having eaten a meal packed with extraordinarily odoriferous foods. Nope, you’re talking about something else: It’s chronic, it’s not pleasant, and you’re not sure why it’s there, what to do about it, or if… Read more »

Preventive Care Broken Down Into Days, Hours, Minutes

Curious about the day-to-day details of preventive care? Maybe you’ve often wondered how many hours or minutes of your life you are spending brushing, flossing, and seeing us for dental checkups and cleanings. While you may think it amounts to quite a lot, you may be shocked to learn that, mathematically speaking, it comes out… Read more »

Preventive Dentistry: Checking Off All The Boxes

Are you certain about how to “check off all the boxes” when it comes to ensuring you’re doing right by your preventive dentistry? Do you really know about all that we offer for you and your family as far as prevention is concerned or do you have more of just a general idea regarding what… Read more »

Let’s Talk Holiday Treats And Smile Protection

It’s that special, twinkling, chilly, lovely time of year again: The winter holidays have officially arrived! To you and yours, this means lots of fun, food, friends, family, and just about everything that puts a smile on your face. To our Ankeny, IA team? It means finding a way to help you protect that smile… Read more »