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Replacing Lost Teeth with Dental Implants

You have a lot of choices when it comes to addressing most dental health issues. For instance, if you want to improve your smile’s appearance or restore a tooth that’s been damaged, we can customize one of several different cosmetic or restorative treatments to address it. When you experience tooth loss and need to rebuild… Read more »

Your Choices for Restoring Your Smile After Tooth Loss

For most dental health concerns, there are several different options for treating them. The best choice usually depends on things like the extent of your condition and your own personal preferences for your smile and oral health. Because everyone’s needs and preferences are different, offering choices helps ensure that everyone receives the optimal, highly personalized… Read more »

You Really Want To Address Tooth Loss Quickly

Do we want you to feel stressed out once you’re dealing with tooth loss? Absolutely not! We know that when you’re dealing with the fresh experience of missing teeth, it can be quite upsetting. What our Ankeny, IA team does want? For you to feel much better about your smile not by rationalizing to yourself… Read more »

Important Details: Prosthetic Dental Care

Who needs prosthetic dental care, you might wonder to yourself? Might this be something you need now or could one day require? What does it include exactly and why is it important to make use of it? For pressing questions, we are happy to hand over the significant details that will have you feeling informed… Read more »

Smile Spaces: Common Questions (And Answers)

Do you have a smile space as the result of tooth loss? Maybe it’s a little tiny space that’s always been there and you’ve never been very happy about it. There are different types of gaps and openings that can occur within your smile, some of which are harmless and some of which you should… Read more »

Prosthetic Dentistry Quiz

There are few things more harrowing than experiencing tooth loss without knowing about your options. You may think that you’re going to be left with a smile that has spaces in it. You may assume there’s simply nothing out there that can help you. Or, you may have some hope but you just don’t know… Read more »

Which Dental Prosthetic Should You Choose?

Life is all about choices. Fortunately, that’s also true when it comes to your dental health. A healthy mouth holds a total of 32 teeth (including four wisdom teeth), and provides an intimidating number of possible tooth loss patterns. Whether your teeth succumb to decay and must be extracted, or are lost due to severe… Read more »