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Tooth Decay: Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, Healthy Smile

When you think about tooth decay in a big picture sort of a way, you may simply find that it’s something that causes you some stress and that you’d rather not think about. However, when you break down the details regarding how to prevent it, how to have a cavity diagnosed (should one occur), what to… Read more »

Your Dental Filling: Problems It Fixes And Prevents

Did you know that when you come in to see our Ankeny, IA team for a dental filling, you’re not doing just one thing? Instead, by agreeing to a filling, you’re going to be achieving a long list of improvements that can both repair your tooth and prevent potential future problems (that, of course, you… Read more »

Your Dental Checkups: Are You On Track Or Off Track?

You have likely already experienced that sensation of thinking a week or two have passed only to realize months have flown by. It’s something that just happens, particularly when life is full and you’re just busy. With this in mind, our Ankeny, IA team knows that you may either be taking the measures necessary to… Read more »

Restorative Care: 3 Gifts It Offers Patients

When you envision a present being presented to you, it’s usually in a box with shiny wrapping paper and a beautiful big bow! You don’t usually imagine someone offering you a dental filling or a crown. However, our Ankeny, IA team would love to remind you today that though you may not usually think of… Read more »

Unexpected Broken Tooth: Reasons This Happens

One of the things we notice from our patients is that beyond the frustration of dealing with a broken tooth is the frustration that comes from not understanding why it happened in the first place. In certain instances, things just don’t go your way and accidents lead to trauma. In other cases, it’s often something… Read more »

Really: Your Toothache Isn’t Always A Cavity!

You may assume that the second you end up with a toothache, it means that you definitely have tooth decay. You just know that you have a cavity, you figure you might even have an infection, and this causes you some stress. Of course, nobody likes dealing with decay. However, our Ankeny, IA team reminds… Read more »

Remember Simple Tips To Prevent Chips And Cracks

You don’t want to chip your teeth. You don’t want to crack them either. Though our Ankeny, IA practice can help you with dental care that with fix either one of these problems, avoiding them altogether and enjoying the complete and comfortable, fully functional, beautiful smile you’re so accustomed to is always preferable. While little… Read more »

Toothaches: What You Should Do About That Sensation!

You know that you should probably do something about your toothache. However, considering the fact that when you really start thinking about it, there seem to be quite a lot of options, you might have some trouble figuring out the right choice (or choices). As you probably realize already, lots of people end up with… Read more »

Making Sure A Tooth With A Cavity Receives Expert Care

The successful treatment of a cavity is a matter of stopping decay, and ensuring that your tooth is properly restored after that removal of damaged tissue. Thanks to the use of modern restorations, your Ankeny, IA dentist is able to provide you with dental work that keeps your tooth safe, while also letting your smile… Read more »

Providing Care To Fully Restore Your Smile After A Cavity

If a cavity develops, your tooth will require restorative dental care – there is no at-home remedy for this problem you can rely on. Restoring your tooth will involve the careful removal of damaged material, as well as treatment to address this loss of material. Based on the severity of decay, you will receive a… Read more »