Dentures and Partials

Ankeny Dentist Offers Beautiful Dentures and Partials

ProstheticsWhy Should I Get Dentures or Partials?

Full dentures replace an entire dental arch, while partials take the place of just a few missing teeth. Both can help restore the shape of your face, freeing you from the sunken cheeks and lips that make you look older. They can also help you speak normally, without slurring or lisping. More importantly, dentures allow you to eat foods in a variety of textures. Living without teeth often means eating only soft foods which do not supply the nutrients your entire body needs. With dentures from Peddicord Family Dental, you can enjoy the same foods you loved before tooth loss changed your eating habits.

What Happens Once I Decide to Get Dentures?

First, Dr. Erika Peddicord will take impressions of your top and bottom arches. These will serve as the models for your custom, lab-created dentures or partials. At the lab, technicians will blend several acrylic powders to create a base which matches your natural gum color. Highly realistic artificial teeth will be mounted into the base. When your dentures arrive back from the lab, Dr. Peddicord will make sure your dentures fit perfectly and adjust them as needed.

Are Dentures a Better Choice Than Dental Implants?

Dentures and partials offer a relatively inexpensive, conservative way to restore the beauty and function of your mouth. However, dentures can slip and will require occasional readjustments. Dental implants are permanently secured within the jaw, so they never slip or need adjusting. They also help maintain the bone density in the jaw. Still, implants require surgery and an extended healing time while wearing dentures simply requires a little practice.

Learn More About Full and Partial Dentures

Modern dentures can be designed for every need, including partials that help you preserve the few teeth that you’ve retained. To find out if you can benefit from a denture or partial, schedule an appointment with Dr. Erika Peddicord by calling our dental office today at (515) 963-3339. Located in Ankeny, IA, we also serve patients who live in Bondurant, Polk City, Elkhart, Alleman, Cambridge, and all surrounding communities.