Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease Prevention and Treatment in Ankeny

What is Periodontal Disease?

periodontalEvery day, bacteria, mucus, food particles, and other substances form plaque on the surfaces of your teeth. While you can remove most plaque with regular brushing and flossing, the remaining plaque hardens into tartar and can only be removed with a professional dental cleaning. If left alone, the bacteria in the tartar causes inflammation of the gums. In its mildest form, gingivitis, the gums may look swollen and red, especially after brushing. Once gingivitis advances to full blown periodontal disease, the gums pull away from the teeth and the infections spreads. Your body responds to this infection by breaking down the connective tissue and bone that hold your teeth in place. This results in discomfort and tooth loss.

Can I Treat Periodontal Disease by Myself?

If Dr. Peddicord diagnoses you with gingivitis, she may suggest methods such as flossing, brushing your teeth, and massaging the gums with more frequency and for longer periods of time as a way to control the condition. However, you should always consult with your dentist before treating your own gingivitis.

How Can My Dentist Treat Periodontal Disease?

At Peddicord Family Dental, we focus on prevention. That’s why we recommend regular checkups and cleanings so we can catch gum disease before it starts. However, we do have several methods for effectively treating periodontitis. Dynamic deep cleaning, often called scaling and root planning, removes plaque and tartar on the tooth roots and smooths the surface to discourage bacterial growth. In conjunction with topical antibiotics, this conservative procedure can successfully manage gum disease. In some extreme cases, surgery may be the only option and we will gladly refer you to a trusted dental surgeon.

Fight Back Against Periodontal Disease

Prevent tooth loss and protect your smile with appropriate periodontal disease treatment. To schedule an appointment, call our dental office today at (515) 963-3339. Located in Ankeny, IA, we also serve patients who live in Bondurant, Polk City, Elkhart, Alleman, Cambridge, and all surrounding communities.