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How to Handle a Chipped Chomper

Maybe you bumped your tooth on the microphone at karaoke or took a softball to the face while playing catch in the backyard. Whatever the cause, there’s nothing like accidentally chipping a tooth to make a grown person feel a bit slow and uncoordinated. Once you get over your embarrassment, though, you should follow these… Read more »

Ankeny IA Dentist Answers Your Questions about Teeth Whitening

When you smile, is it radiant? If not, what is stopping you from whitening your smile? The teeth whitening treatments of today are surprisingly convenient and effective. However, many patients are still left with unanswered questions when it comes to teeth whitening treatment. Here with the answers to those questions is your Ankeny IA dentist,… Read more »

Ankeny IA Dentist Can Fix Your Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth can be very detrimental to a smile’s appearance because the irregular shape caused by the damage will draw the eye to it. Thus, even a small chip can become the center of attention, making the chipped tooth’s repair a priority for restoring a smile’s beauty. But how exactly is a chipped tooth… Read more »