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How Root Canal Therapy Can Save Your Tooth

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in your body, yet despite its strength, your teeth still sustain serious damage. Whether through traumatic injury (like a crack, fracture, or break) or untreated tooth decay, when bacteria bypass the outer enamel, you could develop cavities and deeply set dental infection. Without treatment, severely decayed or damaged teeth… Read more »

Cool New Technology for Better Root Canal Therapy

Root canals enjoy the dubious distinction of having a terrible reputation (as far as dental procedures go). However, most people have an outdated understanding of root canal therapy. Thanks to recent advances in dental technology, a root canal takes less time, provides a more accurate treatment, and involves less patient discomfort than before. Today, we’re… Read more »

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Receiving a Dental Implant

Step One: Determining Implant Candidacy If you are interested in receiving a dental implant from your Ankeny IA dentist, Dr. Erika Peddicord, the first step is to determine whether or not you are a good candidate to receive a dental implant. Tooth loss can cause the jawbone to atrophy in the area of the lost… Read more »

What Is Involved in Receiving a Dental Crown?

Whether through tooth decay, bruxism (teeth grinding), or a powerful blow, teeth can break, and when they do, a dental crown should be placed to repair the damage and lend them strength. If not, they will only suffer further injury, eventually necessitating an extraction. However, when it comes to receiving a dental crown, you will… Read more »

Why Gingivitis Lingers in the Body

Did you know that gingivitis will prevent the body’s immune system from fighting against it? This unfortunate effect of gingivitis occurs because the disease triggers the body to produce IL-10, an anti-inflammatory molecule. Since gingivitis inflames the gums, it would seem that an anti-inflammatory molecule would be a good thing to produce. However, these molecules… Read more »

Ankeny IA Dentist: Root Canal Therapy Can Eliminate Pain

Risks and Symptoms of Dental Infections When your Ankeny IA dentist, Dr. Erika Peddicord, performs root canal therapy, her goal is to remove an infection from a tooth in order to preserve the tooth and improve oral health. If the infection is allowed to linger, the tooth may eventually be lost, and the infection could… Read more »

Ankeny Dentist Answers Your Root Canal FAQs

If you were told that you need root canal therapy, how would you feel? Some people, owing to popular exaggerations, would feel like running out of the room. Others would probably like to delay the procedure as long as possible. However, the reaction of a well-informed patient might surprise you. He or she might want… Read more »